Vanity Numbers – Benefits of Vanity Numbers for Businesses

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Why do these large company use vanity numbers? Well, because there are numerous benefits and reasons for businesses to use vanity numbers, including the reason that these specialized numbers have become a very effective marketing tool.
Vanity numbers are proven to increase the response to any type of promotion and to increase the number of sales. It has become the trend to companies and a necessity and requirement for any serious business in today’s highly competitive market.

Vanity numbers will surely increase response rates. The most important reason why businesses should use vanity numbers is because consumers respond better with these spelled-out numbers. Every industry and ad is different, but an ad with vanity numbers will almost always perform better than the same ad without a toll free number.

These numbers are valuable because of their ability to be easily remembered, just like a good domain name. Many companies spend millions of money in advertising to be able to get customers to remember their company and how they can be reached. Of course, good vanity numbers will answer and provide these. An instant brand name recognition and prestige is the topmost advantage. Good numbers are difficult and very expensive to secure, but mind you, it can make a powerful brand.

Having vanity numbers will add credibility to a company and a more positive customer orientation. The benefits of a vanity number also go beyond obvious economic returns.
Aside from that fact that good vanity numbers gives an instant positive brand name, great credibility and prestige, it also increases advertising by word of mouth, making the referral technique, the highest form of effective marketing. It makes businesses look national and professional and gives positive consumer oriented image.

Vanity numbers impart to customers that you place a lot of value on their needs and what they have to say. It is a way of giving your clients the best customer service in letting them contact you in the easiest way possible.

Because good Vanity numbers helps to easily recall phone numbers, there is a higher probability for repeat and second-hand marketing. Customers are more likely to remember how to reach you with memorable vanity numbers than a toll-free number composed of random numbers. In other words, with a good vanity number, you can better augment word-of-mouth promotion for your company. Since most customers are more likely to remember you, you get more clients and have more customers referring other prospective customers to you.

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