Vanishing Coin Magic *Revealing the many Methods

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Vanishing coin magic is fun to do and amazing to watch. Learning to do great vanishing coin magic can take alot
of practice for the advanced sleight of hand methods. There are many very easy to do coin tricks for beginners.
There are many different methods in magic. Everything from simple self-working vanishing coin magic tricks to
advanced sleight of hand techniques. For a beginner, the first thing to learn is an easy coin trick gimmick
called scotch and soda. Also there are many other gimmicks such as the expanded shell. These special made coin gimmicks
allow you to conceal one coin under the other, nesting them secretly together.
Here is a list of vanishing coin magic methods:

Simple Methods-

1. easy sleight of hand and basic palming
2. rubbing a coin into your elbow ( secretly hiding it behind your collar)
3. Vanishing coin into a glass of water
4. bobo's complete vanishes
5. sucker vanishes
6. pen and coin misdirection vanishes
7. simple lapping methods
8. the kick move
9. hiding a coin on top of your head
10. coin folded into paper

Coin Gimmicks-

1. expanded coin shells
2. locking coin shells
3. the hook coin
4. cigarette through coin
5. folding coin
6. flipper coin
7. spider coin gimmick ( Art of Magic- book- T.Nelson Downs )
8. hold-outs ( magnetic and other) example- the Raven- also others in Tarbell
9. rattle gimmick
10. multiple coin shells
11. utility pulls
12. special coin holders (including the topit)

Intermediate and Advanced Methods-

1. Advanced sleight of hand and palming
2. hand washes
3. acquitments and utility palm to palm transfers
4. sleeving
5. lapping
6. the striking vanish
7. coin and card matrix- advanced sleights
8. palming multiple coins
9. combination of sleight of hand and gimmicks
10. Downs palming multiple coins

There are also many more ways to do vanishing coin magic. When you are first learning sleight of hand methods
and palming coins you should walk around during the day with the coins palmed in your hand(s) so that you can
practice and study your natural gestures and try to not let people notice. Don't stare at your hands while
you are hiding the coins in your palm(s). Learn how to naturally choreograph your motions and learn how to
do misdirection properly. If you have big hands then practice with fifty-cent pieces and/pr silver dollars.
If you have smaller hands then practice palming with a smaller coin, like a quarter.
When you learn the basics first and practice alot, then you will become good at vanishing coin magic.

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