Vampire Heroes – Why They Are So Hot

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When the vampire romance book and the movie Twilight by Stephenie Meyer came out, vampires became a very popular trend. The vampire in that vampire romance book, Edward, became the hottest new hero, a sexy man every woman craved after. He was good-looking to the extreme, sensitive, sexy, strong and rich. But what is that other quality that make regular women swoon over him?

A vampire hero like Edward in Twilight offers a hint of danger. In all of history, women have always loved a little bit of excitement to enhance their love life. If you consider all the romance movies you have watched, you may have noted that women always fell for the guy that was a little bit more on the edge than the safe, almost boring, gentleman love interest. Vampires offer danger in a relationship that gives the average woman a thrill. It makes the woman feel that she is living on the edge of a more exciting life by flirting with the dangerous aspect of having a vampire lover.

An author presenting a vampire hero can also bring another ‘perk’ to having a supernatural type figure as a love interest in a novel or story. Because a vampire is not human, the author can make him into something better than a normal human man. He can be better looking, have a better than average physique, be stronger, or have other super-powers. That also makes the hero in a vampire romance book more appealing.

A vampire hero, like Edward in a vampire romance book like Twlight, also has to give up something to be with Bella, the heroine in the story. In this case, the vampire not only has super-human qualities, he also has more to give in the love department. Edward has to overcome his natural instincts to be with Bella, which suggests a greater depth of love. He has to overcome his insane thirst for blood just to be around her because of his intense love. Women in general always find it exciting for their hero to have such intense feelings for them.

Of course, there are other vampire heroes (other than Edward in Twlight) that have been created for many women to swoon over. In the T.V. series, True Blood, based on the works of Charlaine Harris, Bill, and his rival Eric have also become love-interests for many women. Stephan from L. J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries, along with his brother Damon, are also appealing vampire heroes in the vampire romance books and in the T.V. shows. In a new T.V. series, Lost Girl, Dyson is the sexy vampire love interest. All of these, along with many other vampires, have become very ‘hot’ as vampire heroes in the new vampire market trend.

Vampire heroes offer readers, T.V. watchers and movie goers a suggestion of a thrilling life they can never attain in real life because they are all fictional characters. Vampire heroes offer a fantasy that women in today’s world jump at. Vampires are dangerous, yes, but are worth the risk when one may get so intense a love relationship back.

Article by Dee Phillips, author of teen vampire book The Beat of a Bloodless Heart now available on Kindle. If you like to read great vampire romance books you are sure to enjoy this one.

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