Utilizing G Scale Model Trains

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G scale model trains are an amazing piece of engineering. Not only are they the largest of the model trains, they are also the easiest to work with. In case you are not up to date with model train terminology we will talk a bit about the different scales. The first thing you need to know is that model trains are standardized to a point that everyone can use the same equipment.
There was a time when this simply was not so. In the beginning of the model train hobby trains were made of different sizes, shapes, and orientations. If you bought track for one train there was a chance that it would simply fail to work with a different brand. It wasn't long before someone determined there was indeed a need to standardize both the trains and the tracks, making it necessary to assign scales to the trains.
There are many scales, but the G scale stands for Garden Variety. In other words it is very common and it is very large. This type of train is so large in fact that you will rarely see a full scale scenery for it and it is commonly used in outdoor gardens. Something to note about the G scale model trains is that they are nearly impossible to break. This includes exposure to the elements and even children.

If the G scale model train does happen to break you will find that the parts within are extremely large and easy to work with. You can replace the parts or you can repair them if the situation happens to permit. In addition to that, the large size of the train makes it much easier to add DCC control if you so desire.
While there is not much you can do in the way of scenery, you can certainly get creative with your G scale model trains. For instance it would be a good idea to run a track through your house either at floor level or at ceiling level. Many people have actually tried running track through their walls and into the backyard. With elevated tracks and plexiglass barriers to keep the train from falling, these make a great addition to a property for virtually train lover.
As we've stated though, the G scale is very large and should only be used by those who happen to have quite a bit of room. In addition to that the G scale will rarely be seen with a benchwork of it's own. Rather an entire room will become the benchwork for the train, and if that is something you can live with, you might just have a winner.

If you're ready to discover the joys of owning a G scale model train, then now is the time to start looking for the perfect train with the perfect theme. Like any other model train, these can be logging trains, passenger trains, or even cargo trains. The sky is the limit when it comes to G scale model trains.

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