Utility Of Portable Event Management Tools

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Attending networking and business events is something that has become an indispensable part of life of those of us in any field of service, especially in the corporate world. There are so many things that event managers and event organizers need to take care of, right from the word – Go! The experience and overall impression of the seminar/conference on the delegates and attendees does play a crucial role for the reputation of both the host and the event managers. This is where event management tools come into play. Providing a viable platform, event management tools or systems make managing and overseeing the affair easier for the organizer and help attendees to have all information pertaining to the event at their fingertips.
The event management tool we are talking about here is a very specific one. We all know the extent of which hand held devices and smart phones have changed our lives – simplifying it, making things more easily accessible. Think of having an event management tool or guide right in the palm of your hand while you’re on the go. How hassle-free is that! Rather than carrying around a program, schedules, looking for help at assistance booths, having to bear the brunt of last minute changes in the program or missing out on important announcements, one can easily stay up-to-date with a mobile application event guide.

Advantages that event managers and hosts can look forward to
An organizer can rest assured that all his concerns, right from mobile ticketing with the help of QR codes to keeping data live after the conference will be taken care of by his event management tool. For this, however, the event management platform should support QR code integration. Viewing participant information, exchanging electronic business cards, and getting directions become a cakewalk with this facility.
The inconvenience of paper tickets can be overcome with a green, digital solution. Using QR codes for online registration would help the participant and the organizer in more ways than one, speedy processing and registration being one of them
Event management tools that are portable create a favorable extension of your printed guide. As mentioned earlier, without the irksome task of carrying maps or programs you can find your way around the floor, view changes and updates in the program, take notes, attach pictures, and share them across your social network and do so much more, making your experience an enriching one.

So next time you are organizing or hosting an event, make sure you use the best event management tool to create the foundation of a successful event and to carry it through. If you are an attendee then find out if the conference you are attending has a web based or mobile app event management tool.

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