Using The FedEX Phone Number How To Deal With FedEX Customer Support

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When it comes to dealing with a big courier service, such as FedEX, for your business needs it can be downright infuriating trying to get packages sent and received on time, track them, and even find someone to speak with at FedEX to get shipping snafus resolved.

In the following article, we offer the best tips on how to deal with the FedEX customer support system-both the automated phone system and the customer representatives-in order to make your shipping go as smoothly as possible (H4FGX30E).

**Dealing With The FedEX Automated Phone System**

First, when it comes to making sure your packages get to your customers on time and intact; it is vital that you know how to best navigate the automated phone system.

Most of us use FedEX for our client relations, and so in this section; we offer the most helpful tips on approaching this system to locate the information or department you are seeking as quickly and conveniently as possible.

1) First off, you should listen closely to the initial options you receive on this automated system; to be able to choose one that most closely resembles the problem you are experiencing with shipping. Choose the one that fits it the best.

2) While you should choose the option that fits the best; but if you cannot find one that even comes close to your problem-choose any one to see if it might cover this problem.

3) If neither one of the following options lead you to the correct answer, go back to the main menu-and choose another at random. You would be surprised at how closely you can get to a feasible answer by this route.

4) Lastly, if/when all of the above have failed; listen closely for the option that allows you to speak with a customer representative. Most often, you have to stay on the phone for awhile, before this option is presented; but it will lead you to someone who can resolve your issue-or at least point you in the right direction.

**Dealing With FedEX Customer Representatives **

The other means of solving any kind of shipping issue you may be experiencing with FedEx-as regards your business-is through actual conversation with a customer representative.

While some people prefer this means-still others would rather handle their situation in an automatic system.

Whether you have chosen this route of communications or are using it as a last resort; it is imperative that you have some good tips on hand on how to best approach this route.

1) First off, make sure before you even dial that number, that you have a piece of paper and pen in hand. As you know, there is always a number to jot down-whether it be a confirmation number, tracking number, or resolution number.

2) Second, have your tracking number ready; so that when your customer representative asks for which package you are seeking info-they can locate it more quickly.

3) Third, the sender and receiver's addresses of the package you are requesting info on. This should include the entire address to include: street number, street name, city, state, and zip.

4) Fourth, have an itemized list of the contents of the package in question to better identify it.

5) Fifth, all other pertinent details that you believe could help the situation be best resolved.

By addressing this potentially stressful call with the right amount of information and preparation, you can improve the likelihood of locating and receiving your package in a timely fashion-as well as cut down on stress it causes you.

Now you know the stress-free way to deal with FedEX customer service find out how to get the FedEX Phone Number without a hitch. Just visit or paste this link into your browser:,12
Now you know the stress-free way to deal with FedEX customer service find out how to get the FedEX Phone Number without a hitch. Just visit or paste this link into your browser:,12

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