Using Precut Fabric for Your Projects

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Fabric from the manufacturer usually comes in large rolls, or bolts. This can be anywhere from 15 to 100 yards. Buying a large amount of fabric for a small project is unrealistic and hard on the pocket book.

The term precut fabric means fabrics that were cut into different sizes so that they are immediately available for sewing needs whether it is for quilting projects or any other needs that you may have. Cutting fabric allows you to select and buy only the fabric you will need for your project. You can buy precut fabric from several yards all the way down to a 4" square.

Buying precut fabrics you are sure that the featured designed which are made unique by the company's or manufacturer's resident designers, are given emphasis and will be the focal point in your will-be finished product.

There are two reasons that you should have in mind for sorting to pre-cut fabrics. One is the time savings that you will get from pre-cut fabrics which otherwise you have consumed from cutting different sizes that will suite your requirements, from yards of fabrics. You can outright devote the time saved for starting sewing your quilt projects. If you purchase and don't use all of the fabric for your project than you're wasting hard earned dollars.

Secondly, the other source of money savings is from the money that otherwise you have paid to your assistant for the extended time she should have consumed in cutting the needed sizes from the yards of fabric designs that you bought.

If you purchase precuts in a bundle you can also save time and money but also receive different patterns from different manufacturers. This will allow your project to have more designs to increase your creativity.

Fabric comes on large rolls of between 15-100 yards. Few people need more than a couple of yards and don't need to buy 15 yards. That's why you can order fabric by the yard.

Fat quarters
This may seem obvious but causes some confusion. A fat quarter is a quarter yard of fabric but instead of being cut length wise is cut down the width to give you a piece of fabric that is 18" x 22"

Jelly Rolls
A Jelly Roll is a collection of pre-cut fabric strips that are nicely rolled up and tied together with a ribbon. The fabric strips within a Jelly Roll each measure approximately 2.5" X 44". Quilters and crafters enjoy using Jelly Rolls as they don't have to spend time on cutting fabric. Furthermore, a Jelly Roll usually consists of a variety of fabric designs, coordinated by color or fabric collection. Purchasing a Jelly Roll provides you with an array of designs without having to purchase each design by the yard.

Quilt Squares
Quilt Squares are pre-cut fabric squares that are primarily used in the art of quilt making. Popular quilt square sizes that can be purchased readily cut measure 4" X 4" to 10" X 10". No matter if you are working on a Sunburst, Premium Star or Octagon Quilt Block, a quilt square is the perfect pre-cut fabric type to use.

Kathleen Tudla is an employee of Imagine Fabric and believes that fat quarter bundles are the best option for quilters and crafty people because it gives you one piece of fabric from many different collections.

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