Using Live Chat Software for Freelance Websites

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Using Live Chat Software for Freelance Websites

Today’s modern world deals with modern technology, where things are moving from manual to virtual world. And it is nothing but a world that is formed by computer-based simulated environment, where the world interacts virtually without real presence. That is how even online business today works and more and more people are getting into such businesses. Freelance is one such business where no physical presence is required and everything can be taken care over internet. The term freelance today is vast and could be of many kind such as freelance writing, designing, proofreading, programming etc. These kinds of jobs are extremely convenient when compared to the real office jobs. Not just that, a good freelancer is capable to easily make around six figure income annually.

At the same time, freelance is a less trusted kind jobs comparatively and only those can survive in this business that has the capability of building trust among their customers. If you are new to freelance business then your established competitor may not allow you to move ahead as they have been in industry for quite some time and customers will rely more on them. So there are certain smart steps you need to take if you want to be ahead of your competitors. You can do lot of things to build trust and best could be offering online live help to your site visitors. By installing good live chat software you can do lot of help to your visitor and pro-actively improve sales for the site. Check out why using live chat software for freelance websites can be effective.

Instant Help – Many visitors will visit your freelance website and will have query regarding the service you offer, so by having a live chat installed you can help them instantly. Gone are those days when a customer had to fill and submit a query form to get the answers, nowadays, such questions can be attended on spot via live chat system.

Price Discussion – Price is the major factor when it comes to freelance business. Because it is all done in the virtual world, understanding the price and negotiating over it has to be done online. Here live chat can be of real savior, because exchanging hundreds of mails regarding price can be a frustrating process for both client and freelancer. So whether the customer wants to know the price or negotiate, it can be done instantly by just clicking on the live help window.

Building Trust – Trust is everything in the freelance job, because you don’t know the person personally with who you are taking up business. So it is required to build trust with your customer so that he becomes on-going client for you. By giving them proper info they required on spot and serving them anytime with help can really be great for building trust with your client.

Low Cost – Freelance business mostly deals with low investment when compared to other nature of jobs. And live chat system at the same time can be of low cost and highly effective. Most of the freelancers can afford to install live help if they want to really work on improving their business. Also interesting to note is that it can be easily installed without much of hassle; just a registration followed by downloading is the usual process.

Interesting Features – There are many interesting features you get while installing live chat software. Like, monitor multiple websites from same account, Track visitors in real time based on geography, browsing etc, proactive chat option, multi operator chat conference, option to chat internally, advanced trouble ticket system, chat transcript, post chat survey, offline messages, SPAM verification etc. Such features can be of great help in building rapport with customers and saving time!

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