Using Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment To Treat Baldness

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Many men are losing their hair slowly but steadily. They suffer from an inherited condition which is officially known as androgenetic alopecia but is more commonly known as male pattern baldness. Because hair loss can be so traumatic, many men refuse to admit it is happening until their hair is almost completely gone. Men may often feel that they look old or that they are less attractive if they lose their hair. The good news is that male hair loss treatments are often very effective. What the men may not realize is that they are more effective when there is still a good amount of hair still on the head. Whether you are just noticing a thinning out of your hair or there is a definite change in your hair line, you should look at these methods of hair loss treatment in order to keep the problem from getting worse.

One of the best treatment methods is a topical lotion which is applied to the area where the hair has started to thin. There are many on the market today that have been put out under various brand names. The most well known one is Rogaine. It is a topical product that is rubbed into the scalp where the hair loss is occurring.

Unfortunately it can cause scalp irritation, mainly because the liquid has an alcohol base. It needs to be left on the skin for at least four hours in order for users to see the maximum benefits possible. It also tends to be expensive, and users may notice that when they stop using it, they once again start noticing hair thinning and loss.

There are permanent solutions as well but they involve surgery. These surgical options include hair transplants, skin flaps and hair plugs. Hair transplants and hair plugs involve taking hair from areas on the head or even the body where it is quite thick, and moving them to areas where there is thinning hair or even a lack of hair. Skin flap methods involve cutting away hairless areas and stretching the scalp that does have hair over the space. It is then sewn in place and you once again have a full head of hair.

Because these are surgeries, they all have risks you need to know about. And each procedure also needs a qualified professional to perform them. As with any surgery, you can experience problems with anaesthetics or any follow up medications. You might also find that unless care has been taken to prevent it, the flaps, transplanted skin or plugs can also become infected. There can also be substantial amounts of scarring, which may make these procedures unappealing to some men.

Whatever the side effects, many men still opt for hair loss treatments to give them a full head of hair. Each individual has to weigh the pros and cons and select the method that works best for them.

There has been lots of successful reports connected to laser hair regrowth to combat hair loss. Laser hair regrowth treatments are a new area and you can read up more on it on my website.

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