Using Hair Transplant Photos

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The hair transplant photos are a good way to measure the changes and difference of the scalp after the transplant procedure. The cameras used to take the photos are very accurate and it can produce detailed pictures of the scalp. This is can be used to monitor the hair transplant procedure since the process is very long and extensive. Hair transplant is achieved by placing hair strands in different places of the scalp and head. The process of transplant should be very accurate and precise. Hair strands would only remain viable if it is deeply embedded in the dermal layer of the skin. This is required since the hair strand would survive through the nutrients present in the dermal layer of the skin. The blood vessels located in that area delivers molecules including proteins, carbohydrates and lipids necessary for growth and development of hair. High definition cameras can take detailed pictures of the hair placement in order to confirm proper transplantation.

The hair transplant institute uses specialized cameras that can scan and take pictures of the deep layers of the scalp. The camera is added with sensors that can create an image of the skin layers using the heat coming from the blood and tissue. This is regarded as thermal scanning. This allows the doctors and physicians to check if the hair has been placed in the proper layers of the skin. The hair roots can be seen if it is in the right position. This is done in a regular basis in order to help doctors make the necessary adjustments to correct the hair transplant results. This is necessary since the hair would only survive through the nutrients coming from the dermal layer of skin. If the hair roots have not been deeply embedded, the hair strands would easily detach.

The process and procedures in hair transplant should be very accurate and precise. This is necessary since hair strands would only survive through proper placement. The thermal camera is a good way to create high definition hair transplant photos that can be used to confirm proper placement of hair strands.

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