Using Freephone Numbers To Expand Your Business

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Many businesses in the UK have chosen to increase customer traffic through the use of 0800 numbers. Freephone numbers are a great way to add a feeling of legitimacy to your business and entice potential customers to call and do business with you.

Customers like the idea of 0800 numbers because it does not involve any risk on their end. They know that they can call 0800 numbers with the idea in mind that they will not have to make a decision to pay for a call. In the end if they like what you have to offer, then they will decide to do business with you, if not, then they will not have any regrets about wasting their money on a call.

0800 numbers give the customer a sense of an established and proper business. Society associates Freephone numbers with large companies that advertise on television, billboards, and buses. Even if your company is a startup, customers will still mentally categorize you as a large and established business that will be able to satisfy their needs.

Freephone numbers offer very little cost associated risk to a new business. Consider this, if you are a small company then you will probably be purchasing a Freephone package from your phone provider that offers less in minutes and is therefore cheaper. As your influx of calls increases you will need to upgrade to a higher cost package, however, an increase influx in calls means that you will be doing more business with customers and therefore, your Freephone number will expand with your growing business.

To summarise, if you add features to your business such as 0800 numbers, you need to weigh the cost and benefits of doing so. In the case of Freephone numbers the benefits far outweigh the cost and are a great way to help your expanding business.

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