Using Discount Cards for Fundraising is a Smart Idea

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If you have used discount cards for fundraising in the past, you know why it's a good idea - and how easy and profitable it can be to raise money. In fact, if you have used them before no doubt you still do today, because they're easy to sell and far less work than other fundraising methods. Whether your organization is a sports team, the junior high drill team, church youth group or other non-profit organization, there are many benefits in choosing discount cards for fundraising.

If you could choose a product that is super easy to sell and that customers love, why wouldn't you? Sure, it's easy to stick with those things you know and have used for years such as cookie dough or candy bars. However, given the state of the economy right now, people look more toward value and money savings rather than frivolous expenditures that aren't really essential. When you choose discount cards for fundraising, you're choosing something potential customers will really see the value in, because they can save money on ordinary purchases such as food, oil changes, hair cuts and things that money is spent on regardless of the shape the economy is in.

Imagine if someone was to come to your front door and offer you a $12 box of cookie dough in one hand, a $10 discount card in the other. You know cookies are delicious and tempting, but with a $10 discount card you can save at merchants in your local community for an entire year. You can either have immediate gratification, or save potentially hundreds of dollars over the next 12 months. Which would you choose? If you're counting pennies and have a limited budget, chances are you won't choose cookie dough, candy bars or other items that do nothing but satisfy your taste buds and put inches around your waist.

If yours is a church group, how many bake sales, car washes, pancake breakfasts and multi-family yard sales have you held in order to raise funds on various occasions? Probably several - and you know these activities involve a ton of work and planning. When you choose discount cards for fundraising, there is very little work or planning involved. Unless you want to contact your local merchants yourself to ask whether they want to participate, you really have nothing to do but decide how many cards you want to order, then place your order and wait for them to arrive so your group can begin selling. Basically, you simply keep up with the number of cards distributed to those in your group who participate, and of course with the proceeds from sales.

Another reason it's a smart idea to use discount cards for fundraising is their versatility. Sure, you can go around from house to house in your neighborhood and sell the cards, but you can also promote them in conjunction with other products/activities. For instance, offer the cards up when the ladies of the church are hosting a bake sale in the supermarket parking lot. Have the teens sell them at ball games, school, band concerts, even to those they come in contact with when they're out "cruising" or just hanging out on the weekends. There are literally endless ways to promote and sell the cards, and storage or transportation are never an issue.

Can you see why offering discount cards for fundraising is an excellent idea? Besides, merchants are happy to participate as it increases exposure for their businesses and brings in new customers. Profitable, fun, valuable, easy to sell, little work involved - we could go on and on, but you get the point.

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