Using AVAYA Telephone Systems To Bridge The Divide Between Office Phones And Cell Phones

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Many businesses are extremely savvy when it comes to upgrading to the latest technologies, such as the latest computer hardware that will allow systems to run faster or better equipment that will allow each individual worker to be more productive. When it comes to the humble office telephone system, however, this spirit of upgrading is usually absent, and many companies are operating today with an office telephone system that belongs in the past. AVAYA telephone systems, which are part of the AVAYA IP Office lineup, offer a great many features and fantastic functionality that is absent in older office telephone systems and that can be of great benefit to your business if used properly.

In keeping with the spirit of the 21st century, cell phones have become an almost universal accessory that most people have in their possession. With the advent of smartphones, cell phones are providing even greater functionality and more and more people are using their cell phones exclusively instead of land-based telephone lines. While this is certainly not a problem when it comes to personal phone lines, it is not as desirable in a business context.

The reason for this is that most people who wish to contact another person for business purposes do not expect to be calling a cell phone number. The impression that that gives is a very informal one, and while that might be acceptable in the context of a small, family-run business, it is not acceptable when it comes to a business any larger than that. With a larger business, an office phone system such as that offered by the AVAYA IP Office solution is almost an absolute necessity.

AVAYA IP Office is an all-rounded solution that provides centralization and consolidation services for businesses, helping them better organize various areas of operations and increase efficiency levels. Companies stand to benefit greatly from the AVAYA IP Office system as greater efficiency leads to lower overheads and thus lowered costs. The AVAYA IP Office system is thus a great way to aid in the expansion of a business or to improve profitability of an already well-established business.

The AVAYA telephone systems, in particular, should be of interest to a great many business owners because of the state of modern telecommunications today. With many people depending almost entirely on their cell phones for telecommunications, businesses face a conundrum. While it is definitely preferable to have a professional office phone system such as the AVAYA telephone systems in place for a business, employees are often dissatisfied with having to work with cumbersome landlines. This is particularly true for those employees working in occupations that require them to travel.

With the degree of sophistication involved in AVAYA telephone systems, however, it is a simple matter to link an employee’s cell phone with his office landline, so that a customer who calls will dial the number of the office landline, whereupon the AVAYA telephone systems will redirect the call to the employee’s cell phone, thus providing both the employee and the business with exactly what they desire.

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With the sheer popularity of cell phones and the decline of land lines everywhere today, the AVAYA Telephone Systems included in the AVAYA IP Office suite of business solutions available from Staveley Communications allows business owners and employees alike to continue using their cell phones while giving customers the convenience and security of having an office landline number through which to contact the business.

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