Using a 1800 Phone Number Lookup to Stop Annoying Phone Calls

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Have you ever received those annoying phone calls from telemarketers or solicitors, whose numbers show up on your caller ID as toll free or 1-800, or 1-300 numbers? Annoying right? At some point, you’ve probably wondered if there’s any way for you to find out who those numbers belong to, and why they keep calling you so much.

The next time someone calls you with a 1-800 or any other toll free number, you can use a 1800 phone number lookup tool to get the information you want, right at your fingertips.

Of course, you could always try calling the 1800 number, but more often than not, you’ll only find yourself talking to a wall. Think about it, you’re calling a number with no information on who owns it. If someone does pick up the other line—which is unlikely by the way—you’ll only be asked for information about yourself to help identify why you were called in the first place. Handing out information to parties you don’t know through the phone is a big no-no, so you might want to avoid taking this route.

Performing a 1800 phone number lookup allows you to come prepared with background information on the company that called you, which you can use when contacting them in return. If you’re dealing with a telemarketing agency for example, you can phone them and ask to be specifically placed on their “Do Not Call” list. Sometimes, this drastic measure is the only way to get telemarketing companies to stop calling you.

And if you’re already on the National Do Not Call Registry, you can use the information gleaned from a 1800 phone number lookup tool to report the company that broke registry ordinances.

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