Uses and a few facts about HFC-227ea

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The term HFC-227ea is now synonymous with fire extinguishing and suppression. Used in many places with high value or delicate product to be protected, this product is ideal because of its non toxic nature and ability to leave perfectly intact virtually all items and people. Let us see some of its uses as well as properties.

Uses of HFC-227ea:

->> HFC-227ea is used to provide a better quality of fire protection for a variety of instances ranging from fires due to electrical equipments to fires due to flammable liquids.

->> HFC-227ea is also ideal during situations where keeping assets in working condition is critical, since it does not interact with electrical or documents or other materials.

->> With negligible impact on the environment, this fire extinguishing medium is very beneficial.

->> During the times of global warming, HFC-227ea has a property which does not harm or deplete the ozone layer of the earth. Therefore, it figures low on the list of potential global warming threats and lasts a very short time in the atmosphere.

->> HFC-227ea is a gas at room temperature and atmosphere, but is stored as a pressurized and compressed liquid and is without any smell or color. Giving it a considerable advantage over inert gases which need much larger space considerations.

->> Unlike some other fire fighting gases, HFC-227ea does not block vision as it is a colorless gas. It is electrically non-conductive in nature which makes it an excellent fire fighting medium during fire emergencies caused due to electrical problems such as a short circuit.

->> It does not leave any remains and is non-toxic enough to be used in people occupied spaces.

->> HFC-227ea extinguishes fire by a blend of both chemical and physical means. Also since it does not replace oxygen out-of-place, it is absolutely okay to use this medium without the fear of deprivation of oxygen.

Few facts about HFC-227ea:

->> HFC-227ea is an effective medium used during fire extinguishing in many different kinds of fires including fires caught on the surfaces or due to flammable liquids or even due to electrical elements.

->> HFC-227ea is a very successful extinguishing agent when it comes to a weight-of-agent basis, making it very cost effecient.

->> It is used as a Class A fire extinguishing agent and the volume should be around 6.25 - 7%.

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