Useful Websites for Online Music Promotions

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The websites MySpace, Facebook and other online social media sites should be kept to the point. Bio’s brief should be kept and to the point, make sure it only includes relevant information. It should be ensured to filter only the best reviews, content, pictures, music and other assets for the website; everything should not be pasted just to make it look like there is more background than one has. Less is more, and posting every tenuous piece of information on the web presence will make the page look cluttered, desperate and unprofessional. It should be kept clean, and in high quality.

Music website should be kept on topic. Whilst background information in the Bio may be useful if targeting a certain type of fan and wanting them to feel an affinity, it is not helpful to post the latest updates on Swine Flu, or other non music related information on the website. Visitors will have probably found the website from another online source and are expecting it to deliver what they came there for – the music, so it should be ensured the content of the bands website contains relevant information that serves the visitor’s expectations.

There is nothing that turns off fans and potential sales than a misplaced ego. Whilst it’s important to be confident, getting high and mighty about how great the music is, when that dodgy vocal music haven’t even mixed, mastered or fixed that makes to look silly – period. It should be ensured that everything about the music really lives up to how it is presented online, otherwise the world will take the advice and just “Walk on by”. Sites such as Nimbit, Website Music Player, Reverbnation shop widgets, or other online storefronts too should be tried out which could help drive sales. At the end of the day if there is no ability to purchase from the website or other online touch points, money will be left on the table.

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