Useful Tips on Digital SLR Photography for Beginners

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The variety of DSLR cameras available in the market can make any amateur photographer go dizzy. In fact, there exists a breed of digital SLR cameras in the market that can also capture 3-D images. However, for beginners its best to master the basics before they get shutter-happy with such advanced gadgets. Though for most beginners the real excitement begins when they see that print develop into a photograph in the dark room; however, they must not forget that to reach that stage they need to get over quite a few hurdles.

Buying a digital SLR camera is not enough, it takes time, patience and a considerable number of shots before you can capture that perfect moment. One of the first things one needs to do before getting shutter-happy is to read the instruction manual that accompanies the camera, as that provides a solid base to begin with. Till you donít know your tool completely, you cannot expect to make unforgettable works of art.

The Technical Stuff

∑First off, you need to invest in a good tripod. It is an investment, since it will not only help you get the right angle and avoid blurry photographs with its solid support, but also last you longer that itís more fragile counterparts. Also, ensure that it is light weight, so it is easier to carry around.

∑Make sure that you know your ISO settings. Shooting in a poorly lit place, or a dark room, increasing your ISO settings can drastically improve the quality of your pictures. Also, since increasing your ISO reduces the amount of time the lens is open, it dramatically lowers your chances of taking shaky photographs.

∑The glass holds the trick. Spending a bomb on the DSLR and then keeping low level stock lens is not advisable. Instead you should invest in some good core lenses and even a cheaper digital LSR will generate amazing pictures.

∑Go for that Photoshop. It does not make you any less of a photographer if you use software to improve the quality of your photographs. Donít shy away from enhancing any image to give it that edge.

Other Tips

∑Whenever clicking in low light situations, when even a high ISO doesnít seem to help, donít be hesitant to pull out that table or chair for stability. Get on the floor or lean against a pole to get a more steady hand.

∑Take a whole bunch of photos and when finalizing, do not hesitate from throwing out a majority of them. Take as many shots of the thing and then take one more, for this is the only way you will improve your angles and perspective.

While the western world is brimming with photography classes, India only seems to have a few niche studios offering professional courses. This makes digital SLR photography for beginners a genre with limited help available. While photography courses in Pune and photography courses in Bangalore are commonplace, those living in other cities should try to take part in the photowalks that take place in Bangalore on a regular basis. The net and social networking sites can help you locate these easily.

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