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As the iPhone and other smart phones continue to grow in popularity as the years go on, there are an increasing number of applications that are developed and released. This article attempts to illustrate the most useful applications around at the moment.

Reports have suggested that as of the year 2010, over 200,000 iPhone Apps and iPhone Games have been made available to download in the official iPhone application store. That is a staggering number as this media device increases in popularity almost on a daily basis. In fact, with the advancements in technology you can check in almost every day and there will be another application added somewhere. These apps range from social media applications to practical apps like GPS navigation to applications that are focused on entertainment. Wherever you look you are sure to find a useful application. It is a good idea to look at iPhone Application reviews regularly as these will tell you which applications are good and which are not.
Yelp is a very useful application for the iPhone that be used to search for places to eat, shop or drink. It is very similar to online. This is one of those applications that serves a purpose that at some point everyone will need to utilize. It allows users to find any reviews they choose for places they are thinking of going. This can include bars, restaurants, banks and other stores to name but a few. The application uses the GPS system in your phone to find the location you want to go. Each of these listings will show you how far you have to travel by foot or in a car to reach it. Also every listing will contain addresses, user ratings and the price range too. It has a bright, simple interface and has a movable Google Map.

Everyone is aware of Facebook on the Internet. It is also an application on the IPhone and helps users to keep in touch with others while on the move. You can update your status and photos and send messages to friends and family just as you can in the full version. This is an essential application for anyone who loves this website and wants to keep in contact with others they know. It is perfect if you are away from your computer for any period of time and want to keep up to date with what’s going on. Everything that can be done on the full web version can be done on this one as well.
The Pandora Internet Radio application for the IPhone lets users listen to their own radio station that they have personalized themselves. It is also completely free of charge which is a huge bonus. Users can choose the songs that they love, together with their favorite artists and albums. The quality of the music is very high and the music you can select from is from all different genres. You can also alter the playlist by giving songs a thumbs up for example. This is a great application for any music lover on the IPhone.

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I became a game enthusiast when my parents first gave me a cell phone with the classic snake game. Ever since I have been a close follower of the evolution of games in cellphones. Now I have unlimited options with the applications that are coming out for iPhone and other brands. As I started a family I took a particular interest in using different applications that make life easier, not only games. I enjoy looking up recipes with my daughter and doing her banking through my iPhone.
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