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Each time when you buy something you make an impact, all the products we buy everyday have their own environmental footprint. The impact comes from many sources including energy which used to make the whole product, the material used and also the transportation used to get the product to the store. Whenever you plan to buy a product, first think of the lifecycle of that item; what are the things used to make the product; and how many things are being used to reach us product.   
Which are the things you need to think? Use green tips like, buy organic and local means always buy organic because it has many benefits, like it is healthier not only for the consumer but also for the ecosystem the food came from. When you buy organic things, it does not made by harsh chemicals, pollute the water or air where the food is being grown. When you buy local things or products, because it is local so it does not require long distance transportation, so you are also supporting your local economy. the another green tip is clean energy, in the America more than half of Americans get their electricity from coal power plants, it is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in this country. Most places in the U.S, you can already choose to get your electricity from green sources. It can be wind, solar, geothermal or hydroelectric.

You should eat less meat, it is another green tip. If you will calculate that one pound of beef contains about 12,000 gallons of water to produce. In the whole world there are 1.5 billions cows, each one of them emitting between 26 to 53 gallons of the methane a day. Methane is almost 23 times powerful of greenhouse gas then carbon dioxide. This green tips makes huge contribution to global warming. So make a little change in your eating habits, it is beneficial for everybody. Many people wash their clothes into the hot or warm water to make their clothes very much clean. Because hating water takes a lot of energy, when you use hot water in washing machine, then it takes 90% of the energy. You can also make your clothes clean in cold water, it just need, your little bit more efforts. One of the easy steps is use less paper, which saves water, fuel and trees. It is estimated that 100 million trees and 28 billion gallons of water are used to send junk mail in the U.S each year. If you will decide to save the trees, you can stop 75% of the junk mail by signing up for the service. You can see most of the bills can now be paid online, so start to save the trees and fuel which needed for transportation.

Green tips consists recycling of paper, aluminum and plastic is also very important to save the environment but be careful don’t forget about electronics, florescent bulbs and batteries, if it is not correctly disposed, then it could be harmful. Use less time vehicles; through this you can reduce your carbon footprint. Drive less and drive smarter. For small distance choose walking or bus or bike. When you do drive, try to limit the amount of trips you take a week.

In this article the author has given green living tips. To save our environment, though this green tips you can make your present and next generation’s future secure from environmental risks.

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