Use earth friendly cups for a safer and better environment

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I wonder how many of us would have heard a popular saying that goes like;”you have not inherited the Earth from your elders but borrowed it from your children”. The essence of this group of words is often not understood as deeply as it demands. We have perhaps taken our mother Earth for granted and stretched her well beyond limits she can possibly tolerate. The impact of this undue advantage taken by us has taken it s toll on the environment and the effects are now visible as they manifest themselves in the form of different ecological imbalances and problems. But the problem with our race lies in the area that we undermine both, our contribution to this downfall and what we can possibly do to contain it. This could prove futile.

Take for instance the issue of using to go containers or deli containers for that matter. It seems such a worthless issue to spend our time pondering upon but if analysed in detail, many prominent disadvantages of their indiscriminate usage could come to the fore. Also, at the same time we undermine the extent of change our small efforts could bring about. Only if we could change this attitude and start taking things in our hand could be trigger a change for the better of all humankind. Having said that, it would be wrong to say that no effort al all has been made on this front. Innovative products have been developed that put to life the concept of eco friendly containers.

Cent percent compostable containers are now available in the market which can even be used to store hot items. These cups are made from corn and thus score well above their traditional counterparts which generally have an inner lining made of petroleum. While these are primarily used to store and serve hot items, there are equally good options for cold items as well. Take for instance the compostable cold cups. These are the latest arrivals in term of innovations in this field. Their strength matches up to the levels of strength offered by traditional plastic cups. They are completely biodegradable and hence do not pose any kind of a trouble to the environment. All you need to do is to bury them deep inside the earth and the process of natural composting begins.

Not only containers but cutlery too is available these days that is completely compostable. Moreover it is also tolerant to heat levels of as high as 180 degrees. These are made out of corn plastic. Since they are extremely light in weight, they can be carried to anywhere you wish to take them. So they become the ideal choice for picnics or any functions at your place or office or any birthday parties.

So why not take the final leap and make a commitment, both to yourself and to your environment that you will prefer going green than taking the route that could rip apart the ecology.

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