Use canvas photos to keep memories alive

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Little knowledge about the printing technology that goes into making stunning Art on canvas is useful to make one of our own. It is not very difficult to understand it. The photo required should be of a higher resolution to obtain enlarged prints. The print sizes are determined by factors like the resolution of the original and the size ratio of the length to breadth of the canvas and the original photo. Cropping can be done to a certain extent but some times the size of the canvas matters. Lot of changes can be incorporated while the photograph is still on the computer in the file form. For larger prints a digital camera with more pixels is good to use. The older photos can be used after scanning. Lot of editing is required for the older ones to make them look good.

Any old photograph, child's art work or a good collection of photos which are very dear can be made into canvas photos for display. Displaying photos have always been in practice. They are now using the canvas as the media. It has many advantages as compared to the conventional form of printing. They last longer then the traditional forms of printing. The canvas photos have an estimated life of a hundred years. They can be handed down as family heirlooms. The longevity of these prints has made them very popular and this quality is being made use of by printers of the classic paintings. Some of the classic works have been transformed into photo canvas.

A photo canvas can be formed by printing a digital photo or a scanned version of any thing at all. As long as a file of the image can be created on the computer it can be printed on to the canvas. It has to have the right resolution for printing to be possible. Lot of editing work can be done to add a few things like color or remove the unnecessary elements in the original picture. It is a very good chance to pull out some of the old and valuable photographs and give them a new life. The old and dull looking photos can be made lively by removing the murky looks and adding some color. All of it is possible because of the various developments in the field of printing, the digital photography and the advancement in the computer software. The fruits of the development are being reaped by many. People are very happy as this has made it possible to buy some of the classic paintings which were beyond the reach of the normal man. Only a rich man could buy them. The painter could sell his work only to a single rich lover of art. It was not always easy to sell the work. So they had little to live on until the next one got sold.

About us: A painter can now turn his work into a canvas photo and sell it to more number of people although for a much lesser price. It has found commercial use as well. It is being used for printing advertisements.

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