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For looking your best, get the best self tanner and you will never regret it. Today's tanning products are designed to make you look tanned as well as gorgeous. Getting the right sunless tanning solution is imperative if you want to have a safe and healthy radiant tan without causing your skin unwanted damage from overexposure to the sun. There are plenty of self tanning websites for you to get adequate information about the chemical composition of these tanning products and their technologies. Sunless tanning creams and lotions are now considered the preferred alternative to sun tanning because the results are visibly better and skin-friendly.

Sunless tanning is basically chemicals applied to the body to produce an effect similar to a tan under the sun. This became popular since the sixties when the harmful side effects of sun tanning began to be debated. But, applying a sunless tanning solution is easier said than done. Incorrect application of self tanning products containing DHA or dihydroxyacetone may cause more harm than good.

Side Effects When The Best Self Tanner Is Incorrectly Used:

* Applying a self tanner before exfoliating and moisturizing the skin can be fatal. It may lead to an uneven tan with alternating stripes of too white and too dark skin.

* Blotchy spots surface in the elbows and ankles may also result. To avoid this, your best self tanner should be diluted with an equal volume of moisturizer and applied evenly everywhere before you start tanning your skin.

* The best self tanner needs to be chosen cautiously or else there are chance of the color becoming too orange or too brown or too yellow. Like hair colors, tanning products will never produce the same result in two separate people.
How To Apply The Best Self Tanner:

* Begin by testing the tanning product on an unexposed part of the skin to make sure you get the desired tan.

* Wash and moisturize the skin well before application. This helps to wash away all dead skin cells to prevent an uneven and blotchy tan. It is advisable to concentrate on the relatively drier parts of the body like elbows or knees which need to be heavily moisturized.

* Apply the sunless tanning product lightly on the face and on elbows, knees, or ankles. The lotion must be applied to the rest of the body by rubbing in circular motions.

* Sunless tanning solutions can stain the hands which is why they must be carefully washed, both during and after the application.

* Once the application is over, it is better not to dress immediately. Nearly two to five hours are required for a foolproof tan to develop.

The best self tanner can give you the perfect tan no doubt, but it tends to fade soon. We shed thousands of dead cells everyday and this means the tan may disappear in a while. To keep the sunless tan longer, it is recommended you take long, moderately hot showers and avoid using harsh soaps that dehydrate skin. When drying the skin after a shower, it is advisable never to rub the skin harshly with towels. Allowing the tan to set well after applying the tanner is important for a long-lasting tan to emerge. An easy way to do so would be to use your hair drier to dry the solution post-application.

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