Use a Cell Phone Lookup to Screen a Roommate - It May Save Your Life

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Another senseless death of a man too young to die occurred on June 3rd in Federal Way, WA. A 24-year-old was stabbed multiple times and found by the police bleeding and dying outside his apartment building. The ambulance arrived soon after, and the young man was pronounced dead at the scene. Luckily, the officers who arrived first also apprehended the man trying to flee the scene. The man turned out to be the victim's roommate. He was placed under arrest as the primary murder suspect.

Horrible! How will the victim's poor mother survive this? You know, I am a mother too, and my son is also of the age when he wants to be independent and experience life on his own. When he decided to move out and began to look for roommates, I told him I'll help him make sure these are the types of people he wants to live with. And I did. A full-fledged background check is not even always necessary. You can start small, with a cell phone lookup. It can help identify preliminary concerns and a full criminal history is always available if called for by the early warning signs.

We found two very nice, reliable, clean boys who have now shared an apartment with my son for two years. One of them is moving out soon though - he is getting married, isn't that sweet? So I showed my son how to use a cell phone lookup whenever he wants to make sure the person with whom he wants to do business - or pleasure, for that matter - is an honest, trustworthy individual. Girls can also be dangerous these days, you know. One can never be too sure.

I am relatively certain my son is as safe as one can reasonably expect to be in our society. He uses an online cell phone lookup whenever he wants to find out someone's address and cell phone number, but he can also learn a lot more about anyone's personal life and decide if he wants to trust them and get closer to them or not. I only wish I could have shared my experience with that poor mother whose son is now gone - so senseless and tragic.

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