US Congress Neglecting Duty on Military Study; Fairly Sickening In fact

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The United States Congress and the congressman and females are as well hectic worrying about obtaining re-elected than the future of our nation and these politicians are weak and unable to get previous the linear assumed of politics. There is no explanation they ought to not be capable to manage with their current brain ability all the aspects of primate politics in the United States Congress and juggle the need to press on for the long run.

There is no excuse for weak point in people in the United States Congress. We ought to not enable them to slow down the forward progression of the species, as it is trying to press on. The government's No. one position is to safeguard the American men and women and that indicates we want a strong army nowadays in the current time period and produce the technologies equally deadly and non-deadly to secure our strength in the future.

If we failed to or neglect to fund military investigation projects we do so at the detriment of the American folks and our long term generations. We have a duty and a obligation each in the Constitution and to our family members names and heritage to guard what we have created now and far into the future.

It is really sickening to believe that the United States Congress would instead fund stupid ridiculous pet tasks, which have practically nothing to do with protecting the American people but are rather social presents to people who do not want to function or put forth work to help our civilization.

This is unacceptable and any U.S. Congress member who does not help fund army investigation right now need to be thrown out of workplace for failing to uphold their oath of the Constitution of the United States of America to guard the American people.

Now for my viewpoint; you sons of bitches, what the hell is your issue? You Socialist Scum, how dare you jeopardize the long term of this great nation, with your lack of funding of army investigation projects to guard the American folks. Think about this in 2006 and vote for Lance.

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