Upgrading and Renovating the Bathroom - Small Bathroom Renovation Tips

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http://bathroomremodelingsecrets.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/bathroom-renovations.jpgBathrooms are no longer the "cleaning stations" they once were - they have evolved to offer comfort and luxury for the best care and pampering your body deserves. While some bathrooms may go to great lengths to achieve the ultimate luxury and comfort, often the little things make a difference in the appearance, convenience, and aura of the bathroom.

Here are some smart small bathroom renovation tips.


Your bathroom flooring should not only be appealing but also practical. It is important to have a non-slip surface as it is a common area where the elderly and small children have problems with slipping and falls. When purchasing the flooring, look for tiles with glazes that contain sand or with textured surfaces. Additionally, consider installing heating coils under the floor, as this would be a welcome addition during the winter months. It isn't very pleasant stepping from a warm shower or bath onto a chilly tiled bathroom floor.

The overall look of the bathroom is important. Consider the type of tiles you use - choose from ceramic, stone, porcelain or marble tiles, as they are attractive and feel compact and gentle when walking on. While lime tiles may seem appealing at first, they are not recommended for bathrooms, as they tend to absorb water and will stain with time.


The colour to use in your bathroom will depend on the wall colour that you use. Different tiles come with their own colour hues, textures, and even patterns. However, if you choose to go with a concrete slab, be sure you paint it a bright colour in order to reflect the light and brighten the bathroom, as a concrete colour will dull your bathroom decor.

The actual colour will depend on your personal tastes. For some diversity, blend two or more colours by adding pattern tiles and mix different designs. The use of chrome-plated faucets, will add a bright and shiny aspect to the bathroom, as they tend to reflect and consequently will complement the overall appearance of the bathroom..

Shower or Bathtub?

The question of whether to go with a shower or bathtub is influenced by many aspects. To start with, although it is a personal choice, it is important to consider space - a standard bathtub measures about 30 by 70 inches while standalone showers may measure 40 by 48 inches. It is important not to have too much crammed into the bathroom so it is advisable to only have a bath if the size of the room is too small for both.

When it comes to luxury, bathtubs definitely win, as they are designed to offer luxury and comfort. Showers, on the other hand, are usually for convenience and speed. However, you can have both installed if you have the space to spare or alternately the shower may be placed over the bath, so that you have the choice of either a bath or a shower.


Select a porcelain bowl rather than metallic sinks as they tend to rust, ruining the general bathroom appearance and pose health problems. Porcelain bowls are shiny and will complement the overall appearance of the room, in addition to being durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Installing the sink in a corner will save space and create more areas to host tiny accessories such as brushes and soaps.


At a glance, a vanity may seem like more of a decorative fixture owing to the style and design that goes into making vanities appealing. However, they also offer storage options to house all your bathroom toiletries in an organized manner - giving the room some order.


You will need enough space to host all the necessary accessories and give you the room to go about your activities in the bathroom. As such, if you feel that you may not have sufficient space to upgrade and renovate your bathroom, you may consider going for a full renovation and expand the bathroom and create additional space and a new layout.

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