UP v/s Kerala News or Inferiority or Superiority Complex?

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We are a nation of second largest population in the world. We are the largest democracy in the world. We have longest coastal line in the world. We have this. We have that. We have nothing except the truth that we all have reduced to comparisons to prove ourselves. Irrelevant facts and figures and accumulation of comparative analysis is all that matters to us. What is it with Punjab news? Whatís going on in Tamil Nadu News? How come Kerala News claims such a thing? How UP and Bihar trying to cope up with their problems? How Gujarat is managing such high growth percentage? Is the world listening to us? And the list of such questions is of questionable length itself.

We love disputes how much we acknowledge our detachment from it. We love individuality so much that integrity is almost forgotten. Be it a talk about us as a person or us as a citizen of any state. We love the concept of superiority and inferiority. We enjoy the sight of lower grades. This kind of gratification tells us that we are animals after all. Even after the complex evolution process! Think about Tamil Nadu news competing in some regard with some other state. Our brain certainly works in assessment like that.

We are Bihari, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi etc but not the Indian every body claims to be. This word is only for decorative purposes on occasions like National Holiday or in International news. We do not want to know Punjab news just because it is one of the states of same country. We want to know if Punjab is getting greater subsidy than others. Kerala news is being watched to keep a track on its affairs in contrast of the states like UP or Bihar. Shouldnít we reconsider the reason of being so profoundly selfish and self-centered?

To become Indians like we had in the British Rule (in later stages of Indian Freedom Struggle) is not very difficult. A little change in mindset will do. All we have to do is to let our prejudices go along with the tendency to compare. We should rather welcome the differences. Isnít this we are proud of in front of whole world? Why canít we imbibe the same idea for real? At least we wonít be torn by our own sub-conscious as an Indian we really are. State news like Kerala News, Tamil Nadu News or Punjab News as a matter of fact wonít be much of a consequence then. Being Indian is really overwhelming. Try that for once.

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