Unwind with a Beautiful Water Fountain

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There is hardly anything that I could think of doing that is better than relaxing in the garden with your favorite beverage while enjoying the sight and sound of water trickling in your very own pond or water fountain. I have spent many late afternoons sitting in a lounge chair, with my little dog Sammy lying at my side, relaxing after mowing the lawn or pulling a few weeds in the garden and letting the fountain soothe my senses. Of all the things done in my beautiful yard, I must say the pond with the water fountain is my best-loved. The project began as a little garden pond that was truly neat to look at but really became my best-loved place when we added the fountain.

The inclusion of a water fountain in a pond allows an additional visible effect that can be experienced from both inside and outside the home. It also adds the effect of sound that allows you to close your eyes and imagine yourself next to a tiny mountain stream as you hear the water fall back into the pond. Water fountains also continually circulate the water in a pond which provides oxygenated water that is superb for plant life which also adds to the visual effect.

While the ponds and water fountains are really extraordinary additions to any back lawn, some people simply do not possess the room for such a water feature. That is the terrific thing about water fountains. They are available in so many different sizes and styles that you can have one whether you live on the most spacious estate in the country or the smallest studio apartment in the city. Table top and wall mounted water fountains are accessible for use indoors or outdoors. There are also small, self contained fountains that can be placed anyplace an electrical socket is available. With the advancements in solar technology, you can now even set a water fountain where no electricity is accessible. No water line connection is needed as these units only need filling when installed and an infrequent top off in order to compensate for evaporation. The fountains simply recirculate the water held in the connected container.

Most likely, the placement of a water feature in your yard, be it a pond, outdoor water fountain or waterfall, will lead to at least one additional water feature somewhere else on your property. So, sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage and your loyal companion Fido, and let the soothing sights and sounds of your back yard water fountain take away all your cares and worries.

Michael Clark

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