Unlocking the Magic of LG Cell Phones

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In the modern world, cell phones are used so much that industry experts are predicting that the home phone is becoming obsolete. There is already a large percentage of the population that no longer subscribes to a wired phone service in favor of using their cell phones full time. Still, picking a cell phone can be confusing. There are hundreds of choices among a significant number of manufacturers. Add this to different phone brands being combined with various carriers and it's easy to see why customers get lost in the details. Regardless of what cell phone service you use, however, there are probably LG cell phones in their product lineup.

The Next Generation of Cell Phones

For anyone who has been watching the cell phone market recently, a lot of hype has been seen around the new Android phones. While most people are aware that Android is a type of smart phone, average users may still be left wondering what else this means and what the technology has to offer. Android is nothing more than an operating system that is used on many types of phones, including LG cell phones. Android technology is based around the Linux operating system and is owned by Google. The company, however, has released Android technology as open source, meaning that any phone manufacturer has access to the code needed to use it in their phone. Both Android 2.1 and 2.2 are used in LG phones.

There are plenty of LG phones that employ Android technology in their smart phones, including the LG Optimus T, the LG Vortex and the LG Ally. Some of the phones have a full keyboard, while others feature touch screen technology. Like all Android phones, there are plenty of compatible Apps. Surprisingly, many of these LG cell phones are comparable in price with other smart phones in the LG lineup and even some phones that are standard on new contracts.

Full Featured Phones

While many cell phone users are quickly becoming enamored with the features included in smart phones, not every phone user needs the expense or capabilities of a smart phone. Luckily, LG still makes quality phones for those that do not rely on data plans. Most more basic cell phones that LG offers are either a touch screen type of phone or a flip phone. Both are designed to be slim and easy to carry. Touch screens, however, allow the user to access most controls right on the screen, while flip phones rely on key controls to access different menus on the phone. Both types of LG phones should have a high-quality camera and easy texting controls. If you are used to keypad controls, there are phones like the LG Accolade. You can also select a phone with a full keyboard like the LG Rumor Touch.

The capabilities of most LG cell phones will depend largely on what provider you use. Some cell phone providers offer specific Apps and data plans that work with their networks. You can buy an LG phone that plugs into Sprint's 3G network, for example. In addition, LG builds in Bluetooth technology into a significant number of standard cell phones.

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