Unlimited Calling And Texting On Any Wireless Carrier Now Available

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The mobile wireless field has seen many changes already in its relatively young existence in the communications industry but none perhaps as revolutionary as the introduction of VOIP and WiFi access making unlimited calling and texting more affordable and accessible. The availability of this new technology is a potential life changer for many consumers who simply cannot afford the outrageous wireless charges imposed by traditional wireless carriers. Smart Mouth Mobile’s applications use VOIP services, WiFi and 3G or 4G connections to route unlimited calling and texting digitally over the internet thus bypassing traditional cellular networks resulting in a tremendous cost savings.

For those who may doubt the future of mobile VOIP services over WiFi for unlimited calling and texting one need only read the recent news articles from Japan and Barbados who already have nationwide WiFi plans in development plus the recent news that the FCC also has plans in the works to create widespread WiFi access across the United States using TV band signals that are not in use. There is no doubt that the future of mobile communications will be VOIP over WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks which are more affordable overall and thanks to communications companies like Smart Mouth Mobile, also offer unlimited texting and calling at no charge to any other user of their communications and social networking apps.

Smart Mouth Mobile, along with Smart Mobile and Smart Mouth Kids Mobile, offer a library of features such as unlimited calling and texting to anyone on any Apple iOS, Android or Blackberry devices at no cost if they also have the app installed. For only $19.95 per year an upgrade is available that gives you access to international calling rates to any landline or mobile anywhere at a penny per minute! This is the lowest per minute rate available anywhere and there are no restrictions on when or where you can call. In addition the mobile applications also give you multiple instant messenger account management for popular IM clients such as AIM, Gtalk, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and even Facebook chat and integration with Twitter for multiple accounts!

The $19.95 USD annual subscription for international calling to any landline or mobile is part of the version 1.3 update for the popular VOIP applications, version 1.3 also added personal voicemail to the mix. Most mobile app developers would be content to rest on their laurels with such an outstanding array of features but not Smart Mouth Mobile. This aggressive young upstart led by a brilliant inventor and a handful of fellow out of the box thinkers is committed to bringing products and services to the market that offer the most value to the consumer at the absolute lowest price point. This mentality is a keystone in the company’s Pay it Forward philosophy of putting people before profit.

The features in development for version 1.4 are completely mind blowing! When this version is announced and made available to the public it will literally open the entire world up for business as well as social interaction and will remove virtually all communication barriers that have curtailed international growth for some businesses due to the barriers in communication and the expense of international unlimited calling and texting.

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This development from a relatively unknown mobile app developer and communications company, Smart Mouth Mobile, could be the most revolutionary breakthrough in the history of communications and bring unlimited calling and texting to virtually anyone in the world.

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