Universal contour wrap

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Try a universal contour wrap and say goodbye to 6 inches in only 2 hours

Fretting over that party on Friday? Bought a swanky new outfit but donít feel comfortable because your feeling a touch bloated? Try the 2 hour solution thatíll guarantee to lose you 6 inches, itís perfect for special occasions. Use a universal contour wrap and inches are lost in a matter of hours leaving you in great shape. A combination of electro-stimulation straps and clay soaked bandages are used during the universal contour wrap to tone, exfoliate, shape and sculpt your body. Did you know that a number of leading female UK celebrities are using a universal contour wrap before they attend award ceremonies? They know the amazing results that are achieved when a universal contour wrap is used. Donít fret about Friday, book a universal contour wrap treatment and your new outfit will fit like a glove.

Is it guaranteed?

The thing with life is, if something sounds too good to be true it normally is. Thatís not the case with the universal contour wrap. This treatment is clinically proven. People actually lose 6 inches in only 2 hours and the inches stay off for 30 days. Thereís no other treatment that could guarantee this type of reduction in such a short amount of time, unlike the universal contour wrap. If you want to lose a few inches in the shortest timescale try a universal contour wrap. Youíll feel relaxed throughout the entire experience and leave the spa looking slimmer as a direct result of the specialist spa treatment that involves a universal contour wrap.

When you need to lose inches in a hurry

Let the universal contour wrap be your guilty pleasure. Life is hectic enough without having to worry about those excess inches from time to time. If you get a last minute invite to a special social function donít panic, just book a treatment and ask for a universal contour wrap. Want to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun? Book that last minute holiday in confidence knowing the universal contour wrap will help you to lose inches in a matter of hours. You can look and feel fabulous anytime that you thanks to the healthy universal contour wrap. Whether youíre beginning a new diet, or simply need a quick-fix solution to shed a few inches, the universal contour wrap is the no-fuss option that offers the best inch-loss results.

With a universal contour wrap from thelondonspa.co.uk you can quickly lose inches, with a guaranteed 6 inches lost in just 2 hours, giving a great solution if you need to look great for a special occasion.

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