Unique Phone Numbers That Cost Less Then You Might Think

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Since the cost of 1300 numbers are going down, a lot of Australian companies, from small start ups to big businesses, are getting connected to this valuable marketing tool. When a prospective client dials your 1300 number, the price for the call is equivalent to that of a locally made call. With these numbers becoming more popular good 1300 numbers are getting more difficult to find.

However, there are occasions when having this number can affect the day to day performance of your business. In order to address this problem, here are three proven ways that can help your business optimise the use of this number.

Save Time

When you transfer calls from one department to another, you are wasting valuable company time. The same also goes for transferring a call to an offsite location, as the cost incurred is the same as that of an outbound call. To cut down on all these transfers, use these effective routing solutions to make sure your callers reach the right person or department.

User defined routing is one effective method that will allow your customers to connect to the right department or service by entering their selection through a numeric keypad. Another effective method is automatic routing. This gives your business control over where calls are directed, based on the time of day, caller location, and resources available.

Call barring

A call barring option is useful for businesses located in a certain area. This ensures that your office only receives calls from people from the region that you are operating in. Repeat callers are another problem that can affect your bottom line. These are usually salespeople or dealers who may need clarification on your product or service. At times, customers will also call you repeatedly looking for a solution to a problem that they may have.

Unanswered calls

When a call goes unanswered, your business has lost out on a potential sales opportunity or lead. Call management reporting will allow you to rectify this problem. This solution lets you assess your trouble spots and ensures that your business never misses out on those important calls ever again. As the cost of 1300 numbers goes down, more companies will be utilising this effective business tool to keep their operations up to speed, making the market more competitive.


James Knight has a marketing background and writes useful information for businesses. To find out more about the Cost of 1300 Numbers to your business, visit Flash Numbers for lists of double and triple digit easy to remember 1300 numbers and phone words

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