Unified Messaging and Voice Mail: Changing Business Forever

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Land line phones, cell phones and corporate PBX all contain voicemail as a standard feature. Voice mail delivers to the recipient a recorded audio message. Voice mail includes three basic aspects. VMS contains a user interface to select, play and manage messages as well as a delivery method to play or deliver the message to the recipient. Voice mail systems contain a notification which will notify the user that they have a message waiting.

The fact that voice mail allowed people to leave secure messages in their own voice was really revolutionary. Voice mail has improved communications, which has saved businesses thousands of dollars per employee per year. Voice mail didn't just change communications in business, but also the way people's personal communications were conducted. Today, VMS can be linked with email and other telecommunication devices to streamline use..

Useful for business and personal use, voice mail allows us to keep in touch and leave messages with people even when we can't get through to them. Throughout the years voice mail has evolved and changed to keep up with new technology and can now be easily integrated with email, text and other forms of technology. Today most people use voice mail at work and at home. You can stay organized and simplify your life by keeping up to date with your voice mail messages and staying on top of new related technology..

UM, also known as unified messaging allows a person to process fax, text and voice messages in one single mailbox that can then be accessed by email or telephone. This integration of different electronic messaging and communications technologies (such as email, SMS, fax, voice mail, video messaging) into a single interface is accessible from a variety of different devices. Unified messaging allows many types of messages to be stored in one spot, using one system no matter the device used to create the message. An example of how UM works is in regards to voicemail that can be listened to through email - the voice mail message is delivered to the persons in box and then played through the computers speakers. PC users can open and play back voice messaging if their PC has multimedia capabilities and fax images can be saved or printed. Accessing your email by telephone is a great benefit of UM..

UM is extremely convenient for professionals who travel a lot because they can reach colleagues and customers using a telephone or computer, whichever device is more easily accessible. Some services even offer worldwide telephone access, which is perfect for businesses which require a lot of travel from country to country, making accessing all communications easy and convenient. The goal of unified messaging is to enhance and improve productivity and decrease communication problems, which is why it is used so often in business environments..

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