Unified Communications Systems Effective Means of Global Connection

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Whether you want to reply an email with your voice or convert an IM into a conference call, no matter when and where you communicate, unified communication systems connects you better with the world around you.

Unified communication systems refers to a set of products installed in an organization to enrich communication among employees and organization through integrating real time communication means with non real time communication sources.
Real-time communications is any mode of telecommunications in which all users can exchange information instantly while non real time communication refers to mode of communication in which there is significant delay between the transmission and the receipt of the information. For instance, instant messaging, VOIP, live video conference, live teleconference communication are some of the real time communication sources, while email, posting on a bulletin board or on a blog are some examples of the non real time communication.
Unified communication systems integrate both of these modes of communication with a view to reduce latency, eliminate device and media dependencies and other barriers of communication. With the help of unified communication system, user can send a message on one medium and receive the same on another medium.

Advantages of Unified communication Systems
Unified communication technology provides a powerful connection between people, both inside and outside the organization and hence enhances overall profitability of the organization. Some of the benefits of unified communication systems are as follows:

Enriched communication
Unified communication system enriches communication in an organization through removing communication barriers. Unified communication technology allows users to integrate real-time across all the tools, including desktop video, social media, conferencing and more.

Secure access to communication devices
Unified communication technology provides employees with highly secure access to communications through IP phones, unified clients, softphones, and mobile communications.
Communication with choices
It gives employees in an organization, a power to choose the modes of communication such as instant messaging, mobility, preference, and unified messaging give them the choices.

Customized solutions for all sizes of organizations
Unified communication system helps small, medium and large businesses with customized solutions simplifying processes and making it easier for users to access and share information. A customized solution can be provided to suit various need and budget.
Cost and Time effective
Unified communication system supports organization with instant communication approach. Now organization can connect globally at very reasonable rate in shortest span of time resulting in eliminating delay, improving interaction as well as enhancing savings for the business.
Unified Communications technology provides a seamless flow between the organization and employees as well as organization and clients which leads to a significant increase in overall productivity.

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