Unified Communications Require Unified System Support

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Avaya Application Enablement Services is a unified communications application that enables users to increase their productivity by integrating otherwise incompatible communication systems. Cross Telecom offers support and real-world solutions for all of your communication needs through the Avaya Application Enablement Service.

Communication is crucial for any productive business environment. These days, good communication goes beyond merely speaking and listening, especially within the business world. Effective communication means a message is comprehensive, clear and easily understood. Today, effective businesses are searching for ways to increase their communication, and many are relying on the Internet as a tool for improving their correspondence. Unified communication applications provide users convenient and unique options for correspondence including instant messaging, voice, video, and desktop sharing.

Avaya Application Enablement Services allows both IBM Lotus Sametime and Microsoft Office Communicator to leverage the rich telephony capabilities of Avaya Communication Manager IP telephony software. Using the Application Enablement Services platform in an enterprise network allows users to access the helpful and hearty set of click-to-communicate features provided by Avaya with seamless integration in Microsoft desktop environments.

Avaya builds upon previous and existing systems by integrating communication providers. By integrating features like presence information, instant messaging, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video, and desktop sharing, Avaya brings a cohesive system to business communication. By integrating other systems, Avaya creates a service that provides access to anyone, anywhere in the world, no matter their communication application. The system provides this invaluable system of communication via a simple internet connection with the click of a mouse.

An invaluable feature of the system is the integrated presence indicator, the core of the communications experience. This-provides availability information based on calendar, login status and other sources that can be set manually. This allows a team to be more in-sync and work toward a goal more clearly and concisely by communicating through the applications they use most. Avaya connection features help businesses bypass the need for a secure tunnel (VPN connection) to the corporate network by offering security-enhanced business VoIP, IM, and desktop sharing. With these features, users are accessible whether in the office or remotely. This increases productivity by connecting users in real-time and eliminates miscommunication caused by out-of-office situations. System features also provide a Meet Now option that lets users create a conference with users both inside and outside of the organization.

Avaya Application Enablement Services offer a quick and useful system to maximize productivity. However, as with any system, businesses still face very real risks and problems. Network threats like worms, viruses and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are becoming more sophisticated and harder to prevent without help. To use these systems at maximum efficiency and avoid costly problems that these e-threats can create, outside services are invaluable. Businesses often face the questions of how and when to upgrade. A service company that unites reliable experience with viable solutions is integral in properly utilizing any communication network system.

Cross Telecom has delivered reliable and inclusive customer experience founded on integrity, honesty, and customer excellence for over a decade. Cross Telecom is a solution provider that delivers reliable answers in a cost-effective and timely manner for every unified communication question. They offer personalized, integrated security solutions that identify, prevent, and mitigate risks to your network. With their help, communication systems run quicker, and are more reliable. So whether you need to know how to increase your business's wireless mobility or how to strengthen your business's foundation, Cross Telecom can create a solution right for you.

Brigette Botkin. unified communications - Offering unified communications and award winning customer service, Cross Telecom is the leader in telecommunications.

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