Unified Communications: A Single Package Deal

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Unified communications is a way of offering bundled services to a person instead of just one. For example, when we subscribe for an Internet connection we get a telephone, a modem/router and also a separate IP address. The telephone has furthermore features and so does the modem. So instead of a single facility, multiple facilities that were uncalled for are offered by a company. This is a good way to make business and to increase customer satisfaction. This business tactic is beneficial to both the company and the customer. Mutual benefit never hurt anyone and so it is good if we played by it.

Unified communication is often misinterpreted unified messaging. They are not completely different. Unified messaging is a subfield of unified communications and it is included in it. Unified communication includes usage of real time services apart from the non-real time services like faxing, texting and messaging used in unified messaging. Unified communication is more angled towards verbal communication like video calling or telephoning. Words speak louder than actions here and so it includes more of vocal commuting. This makes things easier and communication becomes simpler and highly comfortable.

There is software and applications made especially for this purpose and that is why chat software now includes audio chatting, conferencing and video calling. This is far more advanced than normal messaging or mailing over the Internet. It is thought that unified communication can eliminate boredom and one can express the exact emotion. The mood of the other person is very clear but expressions cannot be seen. Therefore, video calling was called for and it worked wonders. It is like talking to a person sitting opposite to you but technically millions of miles away. Business deals are also being processed using this technology and it helps a lot in other aspects too.

Unified communications brings about all the features in a single package and so there is no disadvantage whatsoever. More and more countries have started making use of this and are very happy about it.

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