Unified Communication Systems for effective Small Business Communication

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Unified Communications deliver the promise of combining real time and non real time applications through a single unified web interface. The business telephony is a core component which determines the success of any business enterprise. The Hosted PBX VOIP technology connects people seamlessly wherever in the world they may be.

Unified Communication Systems have become popular in recent years, with the advancements in VOIP and Hosted PBX technology. The integration of real time and non real time communications results in greater business productivity. The real time communication include voice conversations (telephony), instant messaging and chatting, live video conference calling, data transferring and live call control. The non real time communication includes voicemail, email, fax and text messaging.

Unified Communications integrate the various media types that are accessible through a single user interface anytime, anywhere. The various real time and non real time communication media types are transferred through the IP. These various real time and non real time communication become an integrated part of the communication network.

The Unified Communication systems are widely offered with hosted PBX VOIP services at reduced cost. These allow the message or information to be sent in one medium and be received in another. A perfect example of this is voicemail to email or commonly known as voicemail transcription. The sender transfers the voicemail message in the form of audible speech. While, the receiver has the option to either listen to the original voice message or get a text copy of the same message in his email account along with the voice file. Thus, the receiver is able to access the voicemail anytime he wants, in addition to the choice of the media type used for accessing the voicemail message.
After the message has been viewed by the receiver, he can choose to reply in real time or non real time, either through a call, text message or email. Unified Communications make the employees more productive and pro-active. Customers are well responded in minimum time and a greater level of trust is established between the customers and business owners.

The elimination of dependency on media type and the device used for accessing the application provides an unmatched flexibility and mobility which is the chief factor small and budding business enterprises choose Unified Communication systems to outshine their bigger corporate competitors. The soft phone accessibility makes it possible to make and receive voice and video calls, view voicemails, send faxes and emails, integrate voice and data simultaneously and a lot more which connects the employees working from remote locations with the same efficiency as if working from the same office.
Any changes that are needed to be incorporated in any vital document can be made by various employees whether they are working from the office, home or from the customer site in real time eliminating chances of error and greatly enhancing the overall efficiency. The barriers of geographic presence are lifted with the rise of Unified Communications.

The critical need for adopting Unified Communication systems for the small and medium enterprises is the fact that smaller businesses usually have dispersed workforce and multiple office locations in far away cities, limited finances and resources and the need of a flexible media to connect travelling employees and entrepreneurs in real time. The major advantages of these systems are collaboration, mobility and accessibility which remove constraints from the users providing a seamless communication experience.

Small business enterprises need a communication system that can help them project a bigger enterprise image to stay competitive. But they lack the necessary funds and manpower to invest in their business communication system. The emergence of Unified Communications has transformed the way business communication takes place, with innovative VOIP and PBX integration to change the meaning of presence in terms of telecommunication. The service is available at very affordable prices with many reliable Hosted PBX VOIP Service Providers with a pay as you go monthly plan. The Unified Communication Systems are quick and easy to install. It doesn’t get expensive with time and meets your business communication needs whether you are in the office across the country, away on a vacation or at home with just a high speed internet connection. Increase flexibility and cut down telecommunication cost while keeping your business staff organized and connected wherever they are.

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