Unforgettable Drama Movies

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There are several films noted to the best drama movies. They include Citizen Kane released in 1941, Godfather, a production during the 1972 and Schindlerís List in the era of 1993. These movies have been popular releases that were able to give immense impact on the minds of audiences. Of course, the essence of drama makes these movies revolve around several conflicts that reflected realistically occurring issues. Perhaps this is the main reason why these movies were so moving and left deep scars in the hearts of viewers, because they themselves encounter similar happenings.
Godfather, for instance was one of the most captivating dramatic films, especially during the 1970s. As a matter of fact, it was the favorite for most people during that era. The third subsequent episode of the movie came in 1990 but most people still gave their thumbs up to the first two released in 1972 and 1974. The third production revealed an ageing man, Michael purchasing a real estate firm from Vatican in 1979 but in the course of the buying the company, he came to an obstacles coming from the European criminals. He did not have much luck, in both the business and love factor. At the end of the pathetic tale, he ended up his life dying alone, having only his puppy by his side.

What came after the Godfather was Citizen Kane. Of why it was named one of the best drama movies, audiences are deeply moved by the breathtaking and innovative lead role starred by Orson Welles. In the film, he looked amazingly attractive as the powerful and wealth newspaper tycoon, named to be Charles Foster Kane. The dramatic element were applied when a series of flashbacks were unfolded by those who know who Kane was. The visual style displayed was inventive and stunning and without doubt, was the perfect icing to make the entire movie an enthralling one.

In other words, dramatic films are nothing but interesting and enchanting. Films revolving around dramatic issues are those that reflect what are happening in the true world. Most of the issues, production ideas or visuals are done and developed in a way that imitates the reality. In fact, to really understand and learn about the evils in the society and how they monopolize the culture, these movies are nevertheless the best channel.

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