Unfair Employment Dismissal, It Happens to the Best of Us

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Not a lot of people will talk about it, but most of us have been fired at one time or another. Sometimes it is for a mighty good reason, but other times it is unreasonable and unwarranted. This type of unfair employment dismissal is the kind of thing that takes away not only a family's paycheck but a person's self-esteem as well. In addition, it creates a permanent black mark on their employment record that can sometimes take years to overcome.
You may think that you are alone because you don't know anyone who has been subject to unfair employment dismissal, but you do. Your neighbor who said he was "laid off", the friend who said she was "downsized" - these are all friendly terms for being fired. The truth is that if your employer has no reason to get rid of you, then you have a right to fight back.
In today's difficult economy, unfair employment dismissal has become more of a problem because employers find it advantageous to "fire" someone rather than "let them go". By firing them, they don't have to pay unemployment compensation, saving them plenty of money over a long period of time. So, many times, trumped up charges will be brought against an employee to warrant their firing, all to save the company money.

Because the employee is dismissed or fired, they often leave their employment wondering what is wrong with them, what they did wrong, or why they couldn't accomplish the job, when in fact, the problem wasn't with them at all. The psychological repercussions of being dismissed in this manner are long-term and can really devastate not only the employee but the entire family as well.
It is rare that employees are blindsided by an unfair employment dismissal. In reality, they see it coming but feel helpless against the will of the company. It usually begins by them being blamed for things they didn't do, or being written up for minor infractions that other employees do every day. If you see these signs, make sure that you start documenting them immediately. You will need to be armed with every fact if and when you are fired. Of course, do not document them on your work computer - keep this information at home!
Once an employer has determined that you will be dismissed, it is hard to change their minds, and you probably wouldn't want to if you could. Who wants to work in a place where they are not wanted? But, you can get retribution and you deserve to be compensated for the mistreatment. So, instead of hanging your head after being dismissed, remember that the problem wasn't with you - that it was with your employer - and that you have the right to be treated like a human, and the good worker that you are. Don't leave your pride behind at your last job. Take it with you to a new place of employment, one that appreciates you for who you are.

As someone who has had to fight an ex-employer for unfair employment dismissal, I know how frustrating it is. ThIs website, undercover-lawyer.org has lots of good advice about what to do.

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