Understatement Shows How to Look Beautiful Naturally

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The Royal wedding was a stupendous affair with all the pomp and pageantry that only the British can do so well. One canít help be moved by the sight of the household cavalry in their immaculate ceremonial uniform aboard their perfectly groomed horses. The way the whole event is choreographed to perfection and to the minute is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

By contrast to this overt display of military precision there was another side to the event that I found rather moving. It was, so to speak the understatement of the brideís dress and her general demeanour. This beautiful, apparently unelaborated creation in silk and lace was an exercise in how to look beautiful naturally when worn by the right person. A woman who is already naturally beautiful was the only one who could do it true justice. And that woman was Catherine.

My first reaction was that her veil was reminiscent of that worn by the Queenís mother on her wedding day. She, Queen Elizabeth was considered a beauty in her day and again, showed the world how to look beautiful naturally. She too was a natural beauty.

Many commentators have remarked that Catherineís dress gave her a very Grace Kelly-esque appearance. The simplicity of her veil demonstrated a sublime understatement that contrasted with the pageantry surrounding her. Her demure looks complemented the subtle, graceful lines of her perfectly cut dress. This together with her halo tiara that she had borrowed from the Queen produced a truly classical spectacle. If anyone wants to know how to look beautiful naturally you have only to look at pictures of Catherine to learn how to do it.

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Whilst beauty shines itís brightest in the fullness of youth it is of course a state of affairs that isnít the sole preserve of youth. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people who are past their prime have a right to feel beautiful in their own right and in their own way. Again, the perfectly cut and subtle shades of the brideís motherís outfit was a further example of how beauty is demonstrated through understatement. If her outfit were to have been too strong a shade of powder blue, her hat too large, this would not have helped her to look beautiful naturally too as the effect would have looked un-natural. Those who chose too way out a form of headwear amply demonstrate this.

So the understatement shown by many on this memorable event goes to show that sometimes a more reserved approach can make its mark on an event far more poignantly than you may imagine.

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