Understanding The New Weapons In Halo: Reach

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Microsoft continues to spread the Halo saga worldwide, by releasing its latest version of the game called Halo: Reach. This latest game includes some of the best weapons from the previous version while adding other high-end weapons. Four new weapons that will make the game more entertaining were added, and I will be discussing each briefly.

The Needle Rifle has the capability to fire long and sharp projectiles towards your enemy. If you have played the beta of this game, you already know that you can find this weapon almost everywhere. The Needle Rifle is one of the best weapons against long and medium ranged enemies. A lot of snipers love this weapon because once the bullet enters the tissue of the enemy; it will explode after a few seconds.

The Focus Rifle is an added weapon to the long list of rifles in the game. This weapon can shoot long ranged beam towards your enemy, while penetrating their shield. This weapon is battery operated and can be found beside the concrete under the bridge. The mechanisms of this rifle are still under investigation, but if you want to see its real power, try to aim for the enemy’s head.

The Plasma Launcher is a lot different and is far better than the Plasma Rifle. The rifle slows down its shooting speed once it heats up and is needed to be reloaded. This is the worst disadvantage of using the Plasma Rifle. The Launcher on the other hand only needs to be recharged. This fires high temperature bolts that haunt enemies even after the owner of the bolt is already dead.

The Grenade Launcher: M319 is capable of firing single shots, using 40mm caliber bullets. The 40mm rounds won’t explode until you release the trigger, making it one of the best weapons for ambush. Controlling the rounds of this weapon may be hard for some players, but professional can use it easily to dominate the game.

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