Understanding Stretched Canvas Prints

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What are stretched canvas prints?

Stretched Canvas Prints or Canvas Prints is basically a form of displaying art pieces as Canvas art. In this technique photographic prints are printed on canvas, instead of photographic films, which are later framed and displayed as gallery art. In recent times, it has emerged as the best and most economical medium for professional photographers to showcase their dexterity with lens. The images seem to come alive in life-size portraits, speaking a thousand words for the benefit of the connoisseur.

How to get Canvas Prints?

Traditionally, dye sublimation is associated with the art of Canvas prints. However, with the advancements in printing technology and development of sophisticated inkjet printers, professionals are able to put up more vibrant and colorful prints in lesser time and with little efforts. The new-age printers are capable of rolling out stretched canvas prints measuring 60 inches and more in dimension. The artists and printers can simply connect their digital cameras to these printers for spell-binding results. They can also modify the snaps using editing software for maximum impact.

Displaying Canvas Prints

Once the printing is done, the canvas is trimmed to fit the size of the frame. Later, it is put on traditional stretcher bars or wooden frames and kept in the place using adhesive or staples. The result is a picture in the form of a gallery wrap. Often to accentuate the three dimensional effect of the picture, the artist allows the picture to continue on the edges of the frame and over the staple pins.

Advantages of stretched canvas prints

The biggest advantage is of the effect. Canvas prints score over traditional prints in terms of sheer dimension and size. Additionally, such prints are more resistant to effects of time and dust and do not deteriorate or tear easily.

The cost of getting a Canvas Print is lower than that of mat and glass frame print or photographic prints. Photographers may be reluctant initially, considering the fee for getting it done but once they get in touch with the right kind of service providers, the costs reduce considerably.

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