Understanding Residential VoIP Uses for You

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In earlier times long distance calls were the only way of communication between people with others present at distant places. But the introduction of the internet communication technology spawned new ways for people to talk to each other. Because of this, people can now talk to other people as far as the other side of the globe just as easily as long distance calls used to do.

Residential Voip is the better alternative for those who need to make regular long distance phone calls but have strict budgets. People who have high speed internet connection and would want to lower their phone bills can benefit from residential Voip. People whose business requires making international calls or long-distance calls regularly can also reduce their phone bills using residential Voip. People who constantly travel and would still want to use their phone number can use Voip. In addition, those who want to use several features in phone services such as call-forwarding, conference calls, called ID, call waiting and voicemail at no extra cost would also benefit from Voip service.

These are just some of the features that Voip can do which regular phones cannot do. For those who want cheaper phone calls with additional features the residential Voip plan is the better alternative.

What is Residential Voip

Simply speaking, Voip is Voice over Internet Protocol. This system uses the internet to place calls around the world. If someone has Voip, that person could contact anyone from Italy or Australia while he or she is based in the States. It's a lot like placing long distance calls with regular phone but the difference is that Voip does not charge as much as the landline.

When internet started becoming more than just a hub for sharing information computer experts saw it as the next best thing to telecommunication. When chatting online became famous computer experts saw that it wouldn't be long 'til people start demanding to talk to their friends or families online. This is when Voip emerged.

Unlike regular phone calls, Voip is much cheaper because people can actually make free phone calls to other people if they set up PC-to-PC phone calls. Residential Voip also enables people to make PC-to-phone calls but there are charges for calls like that. Even so, the charge for PC-to-phone calls is still cheaper compared to regular phone calls.

Another benefit of the residential Voip is the numerous features that are free of charge. If people want to avail their selves of call-forwarding, voicemail, conference calls, call waiting or caller ID features in regular phones they will be charged extra fees for these. But with the voip these features are available free of charge. Also, people can send documents and pictures through the voip without having to interrupt their conversation unlike in regular phone calls.

Residential voip can also be portable which is good for people who love to travel. Some folks want to use their own number even if they are traveling from one state to another or to a different country altogether. Back then with the use of regular phones this is just improbable but with the advent of the voip people can now use their phone numbers wherever they go. The residential voip is such a revolutionary system and people will benefit from it more than using regular phones.

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