Understanding Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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For individuals wanting to get rid or reduce unwanted hair on specific areas of their body, laser hair removal has become an extremely viable option for many of them. The biggest benefit to this procedure is it offers permanent laser hair removal and is backed by years of medical science and proven results.

Laser hair removal works through utilizing the energy from a laser beam. The laser is targeted at a hair follicle; the heat penetrates, reduces and then eliminates the hair entirely. This procedure is best suited for facial hair removal and removing smaller patches of unwanted hair on specific areas of the body. Lasers are more effective against darker and coarse hair, and it has proven most effective on individuals with light skin and dark hair. Cost of the procedure will largely depend on the size of the area being treated, amount of treatments needed, which method is used and location of the clinic.

This option, however, is not suited for every individual and is not perfect. Laser hair removal targets the hair shaft, so it can be challenging to not damage the skin's pigment during the procedure. The procedure needs to be done by a well trained medical professional in a reputable laser hair clinic. The beam from the laser needs to stay in contact with the hair long enough to heat it up, if the laser stays in one spot for too long, it has the capacity to spread to the surrounding skin and cause damage. In some cases, the damage is permanent. There are many other side effects as well including laser scars, tattoo darkening, and reddened skin after treatment, crusting, skin blistering and hypo pigmentation. Any concerns or side effects should be discussed with the medical professional performing the procedure.

Medical IPL laser hair removal can also be used for permanent laser hair removal. IPL, or intense pulsated light, is similar to laser hair removal in that it uses laser lights but IPL differentiates itself in that it produces a spectrum of lights opposed to one solid beam. It does not have the same success or efficiency rate as laser hair removal but may be a better option for some individuals.

In comparison, laser hair removal is extremely effective. It offers permanency, although multiple treatments may be necessary, to unwanted hair in unwanted places. For the best results and no harmful side effects, consult with a qualified medical professional to discuss all options, concerns and procedure that would work best.

The writer is Joe Murphy with extensive experience in a variety of industries through significant transitions. For more information on Laser Hair Removal, visit http://www.laserandskin.ie/hair-removal.html

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