Understanding How PRI Works

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WHAT is PRI? PRI stands for primary rate interface. This is the interface used for T1 lines. So what are T1 lines? These are the lines used in businesses, even micro enterprises. You don’t use a DSL or cable line for businesses, they are only good for residential connections. If you use a digital subscriber line for your business, your lines will ultimately clog up and your productivity jammed. Admittedly, T1 lines are relatively expensive as compared to DSL but the return of your money will be great. You can multiply your income in three years’ time, you’d never regret hooking your business with a T1 line.

Even though your business is just a small one, still you need a T1 connection. T1 originated in Europe in the early 2000s. Europe’s servers are the fastest in the world and that is why they are currently the ones used in Africa, not the servers of the Middle East, Israel or India. There is no rationale for this, it’s just that Americans laid down the technology in the mid 90s and the Europeans improved the technology especially in the Scandinavian nations up north. Here in North America, the bandwagon of having T1 technology is new. It originated in around 2002. In a T1 connection, all the data that you need transferred from one site to another will become more speedy. That is why it is definitely good for business.

Right now, each telecommunication company in the United States offers T1 lines. There are actually many variants to choose from so if your company only has 20 computers, then you choose a variant that is less expensive over a company that has as many as 200 computers in one site.

Aside from the obvious, there are other benefits that a firm can get if it subscribes to a T1 connection. Your MIS team will get free training from the technical support staff of the provider. And if you hook up with many packages (VoIP bundled with your T1 connection for instance plus tossing in enterprise hosting), then you will get tremendous discounts. Telcos also usually provide discounts during holidays such as Black Friday, Memorial or Thanksgiving or even spring break and May Day celebrations. They are not just available here in mainland US, they are also available in Hawaii as well. So what are you waiting for? Hook up with a T1 connection now.

Author has been writing about XO Colo as well as oc3 internet and PRI for years.

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