Understanding Carbon Footprint

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Earlier this night I was watching a movie centred on the environment and the necessity we humans need to realise about saving our planet lest the consequences. Done with the movie, I was struck with a thought as to how these analytical data were obtained and aggregated as any small fragment or a sample could be analysed easily but doing the same on a larger scale, say thousands of square miles of land or water was something!
what is a carbon footprint
I could not understand and thus started to search on the internet when I came across carbon printing. Carbon footprints are the amounts of carbon derived gases such as carbon dioxide or other oxides of carbon such as greenhouse gases that are evolved from any substance over a particular time lapse. I, personally find this technique the most fascinating among those that are being used for age calculation. One advantage with carbon dating I have noticed is that size does not matter for its analysis. For example, carbon dating can be used for assessing anything from as common as a person to even a large nation.

Global warming is known to everyone these days by the impact it has had and is going to have on us. Ozone layer depletion and other pollutant consequences of global warming have been extensively estimated in several conventions by numerous organisations and lots of movies over the years. Carbon gases are known for their acidic character apart from the heat they are bound to induce into our environment upon their release into the atmosphere in excess amounts, beyond a particular threshold.
calculate carbon footprint
Carbon foot printing is a measure of the amount of carbon gases released from a specimen. So, this allows us to understand the amount of carbon gases being released from it. Thus, we can actually estimate the metabolism and energy characteristics of that specimen. Additionally, the amount of gases being released into the air allows us to estimate the amount of carbon increase in the atmosphere. This gives an idea about how rapidly pollution has been increasing in the environment thus acting as a ‘green alarm’.

Technically, carbon footprints are composed of two parts namely the primary footprint and the secondary footprint. The primary carbon foot print gives a measure of carbon dioxide, the most abundant carbon gas that has been released by burning fossil fuels while consumption of domestic energy and even the fuels burnt up for transportation. The secondary foot print is a measure of the relatively passive ways of releasing carbon dioxide. For example, an average life cycle of any human being has numerous cyclic events of metabolism which include the breakdown of several products and manufacture of new substances. Alongside, lots of energy and life gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide are also released in huge amounts. This amount of release of carbon dioxide for an entire life cycle might seem huge but it is barely negligible when considered on a daily basis where it is calculated for every day.

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