Undergoing Laser Hair Removal Treatments

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You will see a lot of people who are looking for permanent hair removal systems and this is why there are two options that are currently available for this purpose namely laser hair removal and electrolysis. Heat energy is the tool used in laser hair removal as it targets the hair follicle and this works best with dark hair. It is important that the hair be treated in cycles and this is why you need about six treatments when it comes to laser hair removal. For this process, results can be achieved if your hair is dark. If you have light colored hair, you can achieve your desired results through electrolysis. Dark hair on any skin tone is best treated with laser hair removal. There are different lasers that are utilized here for those who are fair skinned and those with a darker skin color.

Underneath the skin, there is melanin and pigment that the lasers are used for. Considering your skin tone can save you from the experience of being burned by severe laser beams. Considering that you will be undergoing a laser hair removal procedure, apply some topical numbing cream first.

Your expenses will be much higher if you decide to go for electrolysis. In electrolysis, an electrical current is used to kill the hair follicles. Larger areas of the body are better dealt with using laser hair removal treatments instead of electrolysis. One more thing to keep in mind is that laser hair removal is not safe to be used to treat the eyebrow area because it should never be allowed to penetrate anywhere around the eye socket. For the areas near the eyes, go for electrolysis instead.

One procedure, laser hair removal, feels a bit like having rubber bands snapped towards your skin while it is electrolysis that feels a lot like needle pricking. 30 treatments are necessary if you want electrolysis to work for you. In the case of laser hair removal, only 7 sessions will be asked from you.

A quick way to rid yourself from unwanted hair is through laser hair removal. You only need five minutes to treat your upper lip. It is electrolysis that calls for individual attention for each hair follicle. You need more than half an hour just for the upper lip alone in this case.

An important consideration to make for hair removal procedures is the type and color of your hair. Lasers do not have the ability to pick up blonde, grey, or red hair and this is why electrolysis is necessary. With the exception of the eyebrows, you can undergo laser hair removal treatments for virtually every part of your body and this is because of the innovations in our modern day and age.

When it comes to this, you can expect bouts with swelling, redness, and the sensitivity of the skin afterwards. Electrolysis can be done improperly and if so this can be the cause for permanent skin discoloration. It is laser hair removal that is reliable and much safer then electrolysis.

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