Unbiased VIZIO VF551XVT 55-Inch XVT-Series TruLED 240 Hz SPS HDTV Review

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VIZIO is a great name in the electronics market as it offers quality product at prices cheaper than many of its competitors. As you probably notice, there aren't many manufacturers that produce LED HDTV, and VIZIO is one of them. The VIZIO VF551XVT 55-Inch XVT-Series TruLED 240 Hz SPS HDTV is the proof of it. With its big 55-inch LED, the VF551XVT is one of VIZIO's high end products. It comes with a black bezel design and a silver finish at its bottom making it look very classy and powerful. As usual, VIZIO VF551XVT comes with a remote control with batteries included, its power cords, safety strap, a cleaning cloth and many more. It also comes with a year of guarantee.

The Full HD XVT series television has 5 different HDMI ports with 4 at the back and one at its side. It also has a digital optical output for audios as well in addition to the normal Stereo red and white port. Its refresh rate of 240Hz enables the audience to experience smooth and blur-free videos which is great for fast moving videos such as sports. However, this feature is best turned off while watching movies as it gives an expression not natural to the normal human as everything is very smooth and fantasy like. With a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, the VF551XVT is able to deliver deep blacks as well as pictures with a greater variety of colors. This definitely enhances the user's overall viewing experience as it gives breathtaking pictures worthy of its high-end status.

Like most television, the speaker on the 55-Inch VF551XVT is good for casual browsing. It is also equipped with the SRS Audio Technology. However, it can be even better with the help of a dedicated sound system which most houses would probably have. It would be weird in fact for not having one if anyone opts for this high-end model.

Some easy installation is needed, but it's not really that hard if you have done it before. It is compatible to most devices and can be hooked on it easily as well. With 5 different HDMI ports, there will be no need of buying an extension port. Overall, this high-end VIZIO VF551XVT 55-Inch XVT-Series TruLED 240 Hz SPS HDTV is a great television for those wanting superb images comparable to many other premium products. In fact, If you are smart enough, you will notice that VF551XVT is $500 cheaper compare to other products in the same category. It is highly recommended to purchase this as it offers a lot of features with prices cheaper than most.

This Vizio VF551XVT 55-Inch XVT-Series LED HDTV review offers you unbiased and honest opinion. If you are not satisfied with this TV, please do feel free to visit and give us any comment: Honest HDTV Reviews

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