Ultimate Nail Revival: Brazilian Keratin Manicure and Pedicure

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For those suffering from dry skin on hands and feet and/or brittle nails that break often- there's only one solution: the Brazilian Keratin Manicure and Pedicure! During the harsh winter months, most of us living in New York take extra care to look after and nourish our skin and hair, but what about our nails? Why not treat your nails to the most modern nail treatment in the world - the Brazilian Keratin Manicure and the Brazilian Keratin Pedicure, direct from the best salons in Brazil. Only a few salons in New York offer the treatment, one of them being Dyanna Body & Nail Spa in Manhattan, NY that introduced this treatment to rave reviews in 2010. Here, the nail experts at Dyanna spa explain what exactly the Brazilian Keratin Manicure and Pedicure entail and how the treatments can help your hands and feet.

The Brazilian Keratin treatment is an all natural way to bring moisture back into your most used body parts- your hands and feet. It's also a way to revive nails that are brittle and break before getting anywhere near the length you want them to be. This all-natural treatment is completely free of parabens, preservatives and petrochemical substances responsible for dermatitis and allergies. And, even better, the thoroughly sanitized procedure prevents contamination by fungi and bacteria. In New York City we have enough things to worry about during the winter, don't let your hands and feet be one of them!

This innovative hand and foot treatment that's great for both men and women, uses specially lined gloves/socks full of moisturizing power to keep your hands looking young and healthy while also promoting nail growth. With six unique substances that include keratin and calcium and the most advanced formulas for dermatological skin and nail care, the Brazilian Keratin Manicure and Pedicure will strengthen your nails and make your skin look vibrant again. Itís a waterless treatment that is 100% safe against all those water-based germs lurking in NYC!

Only the Brazilian Keratin Manicure offers the 6-in-1 advantage.

Each kit comes with lined gloves/socks, nail file, and toothpick

1. Professional-grade Emollient
2. Calcium and Keratin Loaded
3. Anti-germ System
4. Exclusive Nail Polish Primer
5. Homeostatic Powder
6. Complete Disposables Kit

Learn more about Dyanna Spa's Brazilian Keratin Manicure, Brazilian Keratin Pedicure and their many benefits for your hands, feet and nails.

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