UK 0800 Market Has Plenty Of Growth Potential

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Did you know that 90% of middle to large-sized businesses in America has toll free numbers? Did you know that in the UK, only 20% of businesses take advantage of having a freephone number? It seems obvious that there is a great opportunity for both UK businesses and telephone companies that provide freephone service to increase their business and also increase their revenue.

In the UK, 0800 numbers are referred to as freephone numbers. In the United States it is called an 800 number or a toll free number. Elsewhere it is a free call number. No matter what you call it, the number allows the person making the call to call for free and the party being called is charged for the call. Unlike a collect call where the party receiving the call can refuse the call, 0800 numbers are automatically billed to the receiving party.

Obtaining 0800 numbers is a rather simple process. A 0800 number is created by the Service Provider when you or your business join up. You do not have to add any additional phone lines or make any changes to your phone system. You select a target number, which can be your regular office number and all incoming calls will be routed to that number. Callers are unaware that they are calling the regular line.

Businesses that have a freephone number receive more calls from potential customers than those that don't. They are also perceived as being more customer friendly. Whether 0800 numbers are used to solicit more sales or are used to improve customer service and support, they tend to give the business a boost in the eyes of the public.

Hotels and airlines usually have freephone numbers. So do official government offices, credit card companies, colleges and universities. The cost is very small, maybe 10 to 20 pounds a month. Shop around and you can find some really great deals on 0800 numbers.

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