U-Dance - Let Out Your Dancing Passion!

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Do you happen to have lots of soul and that tingling feeling in your feet each time you hear music? In short, do you have a passion for dancing? If this is the case, you will not be disappointed by the newest dance rage that is about to take over every household. You might think it is Dance, Dance Revolution, but we can do much better than that these days. While those were popular back in 2003, it is time for a change and to kick up your heels for Hasbro's U-Dance!

U-Dance is the newest in gaming advancements that transforms your feet into digital dancing machines. The creative motion-sensitive game components in the game's function when you connect the controls to your feet and then connect it to your TV. With Hasbro's U-Dance, you are able to have a wider range of motion while you groove it. You don't have to limit your passion for dancing on a piece of floor mat, which is one of the great things about U-Dance. Simply go with the beat and let it "take you there"!

Hasbro's U-Dance comes with 12 of the most popular dance hits you can select from to start moving to. Dance steps will show up on the screen together with the song played. As you start moving to the beat, digital footprints show up on the TV, which you can control as you take each step in the dance.

U-Dance makes for an awesome exercise activity. If you need to rest your feet from the dance floor, but still looking for some good exercise, you can use the 'digital' treadmill or take a break on the unique lounge area where you can engage in other 'workout' games.

If you want to upgrade to the newest and coolest dance movies while getting some good old exercise, then consider getting Hasbro's U-Dance and prepare yourself for hours of stepping up to your most wanted songs! And why not ask all your friends to come over and dance the night away to songs you all love in the comfort of your own home? It is much more affordable compared to hopping in a club and do pretty much the same thing: dancing. No one will be staring you down and you can all just let loose.

Are you a dance lover? Get it moving and with the aid of Hasbro's U-Dance, and your feet will thank you for it!

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